MacMillan Cancer’s PRESS RELEASE and Christmas campaign
Featured in the Croydon Advertiser – 3 January 2020

In December 2015, Sharon Gayle was discharged from hospital so she could spend "one last Christmas" with her family.

The mum-of-three, from South Croydon, had been diagnosed with myeloma, a type of bone marrow cancer, and amyloidosis, a rare and serious condition which can lead to organ failure. Mrs Gayle was told she had just months to live - she didn't expect to live past 2016. But the brave mum has defied the odds and is now looking forward to spending yet another Christmas with her family.

"It took over a year of going back and forth to my GP’s and to my local hospital before my cancer was finally diagnosed," said Mrs Gayle. "But in November 2015 it was confirmed I had myeloma as well as a heart condition caused by amyloidosis...............

....................Mrs Gayle believes her experiences can potentially inspire those who continue to battle cancer, so much so that she has written a book.

"I want to share my experience," she explained.

"The struggles to get diagnosed and the importance of treating people as individuals – one glove does not fit all. We’re all different. Patients need to be looked at as unique.

"Many people with myeloma don’t get the chance to voice their experiences, as they don’t survive, so that’s why I wrote a book, ‘Why Me?’, as I am so passionate about sharing my experiences and my story.

"My book is about the other side of cancer… the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Every 15 minutes someone in London is diagnosed with cancer. Macmillan relies almost entirely on public donations to funds its vital cancer services. To help us this Christmas, donate today at

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